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Assange, Weiner, & Strauss-Kahn to Star in The Hangover 3


Warner Brothers (NYSE:TWC) today revealed the newest installment of the popular "Hangover" franchise, which will star Julian Assange, Anthony Weiner, and Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Weiner, a former United States Congressman, "has really admired Strauss-Kahn's work for a long time" said Peter Stills, Chief Strategy Officer for the studio. For his part, Strauss-Kahn hopes Assange or Weiner can help him set up a web-cam.

The film is considered a safe bet for the media conglomerate. "Predators did OK at the box office last summer, and Weiner kind of looks like Adrien Brody" explained Stills. "These guys are for you if you liked "Predators."

Look out for 'The Twitterist' next fall.

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