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BRICK Battles of History

All our eggs are cage-free.   We don't even put them in cartons.  Foam is murder.   Earth's thinning ozone layer threatens all of us.  So Brick Dictator drives everywhere, and never leaves carbon footprints.  We only burn organic coal.  The Brick Dictatorship celebrates diversity with such enthusiasm that White people aren't allowed.  Ours is the only regime to recognize homotroph-heterotroph marriage.  Our unemployment rate is under 1%, not counting folks without jobs.


When the United States learns that nobody will buy their bonds, and they have to build robots to buy their bonds, because robots are the only ones with jobs, that is when the world will seek deliverance, and embrace the Dictatorship. 


But until then don't forget to visit the Brick Dictatorshop!  Or else the terrorists win.

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